The (Virtual) Frunge 2021


Children’s Grief Connection’s annual fundraiser, the Frunge, is going online. This year we’re celebrating Children’s Grief Connection’s 20th anniversary with a special Frunge retrospective that will premiere--one night only!--on April 17 at 7:00 pm cst.

When you register today, you’ll get instructions on how to set up your own fundraising page. Then closer to April 17, you’ll receive a login code to view the special online showing of our Frunge retrospective and the CGC 20th anniversary celebration. 

What a celebration it will be! Get ready to meet some of the Frunge All-Stars and VIPs from years past, be inspired by the stories of families who have found hope and healing through Children’s Grief Connection camps, and get ready to laugh and maybe shed a tear watching a montage of Frungers through the years. 

But before the online event, get your fundraising page set up and call on your friends, acquaintances and family members to contribute! The race is on to see who can win the Golden Frunger Award!  This award goes to the individual who has brought in the largest number of contributions. We’ll keep counting until a week after the online event and announce the winner then. 

Finally, because we know that Frungers past and present desperately want to get soaking wet and cold -- and because your donors demand it-- during March and the first two weeks of April, we are inviting all who register to participate in the “Frunge Challenge”. Watch our Facebook posts to learn more!  

Coming in the midst of the pandemic and many months of grief and loss, Frunge 2021 is more critical than ever - because Children’s Grief Connection is more important than ever.